Thursday, 16 April 2009


Finally, I have got around to blog about Easter.  Time always runs away with me and there are always other things to be done before I get to the computer.  Well,  as you know, just before Easter there was a large gathering of bloggers for a fab picnic at Millets Farm, Abingdon.  

At the picnic we had a crafty swap that the Locket had organised and I was very lucky to receive a fab gift from Kitty which included one of her renowned sock monkeys, a chocolate bunny and two fab fat quarters, as shown.

Then there was the naming ceremony for my newly acquired sock monkey and all agreed it should have a name relating to the day and bloggy monkey would not do.  We decided Millet was a good name but not enough so my daughter Emma and Locket's eldest Dot came up with Billy 
after their fav film at the moment "Twilight".  So "Billy Millet" was born.

My daughter Emma had made a crafty prezzie too which was inspired by the work she has been doing for her GCSE Textiles.  It was a Mola, which are made by the Kuna women of Panama. It involves layering different fabrics and then stitching a design through all the layers of fabric and then cutting away the first layer around all the stitching (leaving the black border) and then cut away each additional layer to reveal the coloured fabric you wish for that section of your design. She then decorated her fish by sewing on sequins (she also batiked the purple fabric herself - wow!).

Well, enough from me, I have had a day full of dentists today - me at 9.15 this morning, Peter an Orthodontist appt in Kidlington at 12.45 and Emma an Orthodontist appointment at the John Radcliffe in Oxford at 3.30 and what's more they are making changes to Emma's brace and I need to go back again on Friday at midday - how is a girl meant to go to work!


Kitty said...

It was lovely to meet you on the day Ally - so pleased Billy Millet now has a fabulous new home (hope he's behaving himself!) Emma's work is wonderful - I can't wait until my No.1 starts doing textiles - nothing so far (although she loved the 'graphics' module and is enjoying the art work enormously).


Gina said...

Emma's fish is wonderful. I did a whole project on Molas last term - they are fascinating. Good luck with the dentists!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Crumbs! I hadn't realised that Em had batiked the fabric herself too! Instead of her saying she's going to be crafty like her aunt, I'm going to be saying I want to be crafty like my niece!!!!

Can't believe you've finally got round to posting too - abso-bloody-lutely amazing!

Me x

BIG sister Ally said...

Sorry, I got it wrong - Emma didn't do the batik on the fish but she did on her textiles course work - I will have to blog that one next. Em can still be crafty like her Aunt now.


SisterJulia said...

Oooh that sounds like a lovely process! It's got my mind racing around how it would work with felt or fleece as well as they wouldn't fray....hmmmm.
Beautiful Fish!!